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Fortress online security
This is a logo for a security company that provides protection for browsing on the internet. 
This company logo is made for a software company that develops indie games.  Indie games are rising in popularity because of games like FireWatch, Life Is Strange, and many more.  They are popular because the players are placed in situations they have to think through.  What they say or do in the game can have long term effects and provide different outcomes of the game.  Cliptograph has a look and feels that it is unique.  The logo is meant to be sought by the aspiring indie gamer whereas Entertainment Arts (EA) is a media giant and mainstream. 

The C logo is displays the replay-ability and inquisitive nature of the games they design yet maintain a professional look that software companies showcase.  

Name: Cliptograph
Pronunciation: Clip-toe-graph
Tetris Tribute
Tetris is 30 years old now?  Wow!

I would play stock computer games on grandpa's computer as a kid nearly every time our family visited since they had slow dial up.  When playing this I've always wanted to see the board from a diagonal angle.  I took my isometric grid and went to work just now for a tribute.  Arranging colors with those dimensions was easy.  I wanted to create my interpretation of TETRIS.  This puzzle game reflects our lives how we evaluate decisions and make a choice.  Some people can think 3 steps ahead, some can work fast, and there are always repercussions.   I'm a puzzle gamer at heart in addition so I wanted to share.

Alexey Pajitnov is the creator of this game and he holds the rights to it.
Wut Fun DA
I created this in 10 minutes because I have school projects lol.  Notice how the green letters are in the style of DA's lettering.  This is a meme somewhat.
I wanted to make a professional logo of a military contractor for aircraft.  An example would be Boeing.  You can see a resemblance with the air force having the lightning bolt logo on the bottom.
name: Namele
pronouce: Na-Mell
slogan:  Reinvent invention
Myrtle Beach
I saw the ocean for the first time at the age of 21. It was exhilarating. I drew this because I'm longing to go there again. Everytime I hear chainsmokers Rozes song I think of palm trees and hanging out on the beach. It will be a goal of mine to get a condo at a nice beach similar to here. This was done with color pencils. The time of day is 6pm as the sand is glowing gold. The buildings are not all the same colors as they are I wanted to jazz them up. The spot is a shadow from holding the picture since it has been folding up from me working on it. I'm sure you other artists have dealt with this issue before. I made a color pencil drawing because it is a skill that I have and I don't want to lose it. I enjoy color pencils because you are rewarded with your own sense of attention to detail. Tell me what you think in the comments.
An art company.  They make art supplies.  There probably has been someone who tried this before as a logo.  I tried to make my interpretation of it.  I don't think that I will make money selling this.  User woweek has a logo named Minor so I had the cut in the letters idea from it.  woweek has some really cool logos.

here is the link to his logo so that he is credited.…

Slogan:  Your vision fuels us.
385 Engines
This logo was created with numbers.  It seems that there are a lot of successful businesses that have numbers or only numbers in their logo so I tried to make something similar.  This company builds engines for performance racing.  I believe this to be a simple yet effective logo.  My goal with this logo was to make it look edgy.  It is known that 300 series engines are not that powerful so when I made this as a logo I wanted people to say "you mean those really powerful engines right?"
You may have seen my dog picture, but I have two pictures now, they are the same picture.  The second one has better lighting.  Let me know what you think of it. 


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